Tuesday , August 3 2021

По даншены советника Порошенко, Фанар должен дать Томос об автокефалии 29 ноября

Официальное сообщение на предоставления Томоса об автокефалии Украине и проведени Объединильного собора должно появится 29 ноября по завершении Synod Konstantinopolьского патриархата.

According to President of Ukraine, Director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies, Rostislav Pavlenko. Ego cites Interfax.

"In the twentieth, the 29th is over, then the sanctified Synod is officially a message, and it is finally finished in that process," said Pavlenko journalist on Tuesday, 27 November, in Stambul.

He remembered that at Synod meetings 27-29 he had received the most up-to-date text of Thomas. Pavlenko raskasal, according to the procedure, is the most important of the people who have been publicly represented in the Ukrainian new circles.

"For the sake of his own choosing, he shall be in the midst of these cercines, and he shall turn unto him in Stambul, which is this (томос – Прим.Ред.) получить ", – spätal советник президента.

He remembered that the Obedinitel's own in Ukraine had come for a decare.

I took a conversation with the representatives of Fanara (Konstantinopolskogo patriarhata) voeznostnostь welcoming Konstantinopolskogo patriarh Warfloom in Kiev on December 13, Pavlenko said, "Noth, do not predsmtrivaete".

How did the Party, in Gossepe, have called Ukraine to make a car-kingship. "You are willing to go to the government and state authorities to proceed with the creation of an autocratic Ukrainian Orthodox Church," – spokesperson of the United States Secretary of State.

Отметим, что во время праздодниты тысячелетия Крещи Руси патриарх Врофоломей поминал почившего патриарха Алексей как патриарха Московского и всея Руси, а не также не высказывал ни малейших претенций на Киевскую метрополию.

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