Wednesday , September 28 2022

A man killed and threw the body of a dead girl at the entrance – the details of the terrible incident in the Dnieper


video: (іція Dnipropetrovshchina)

On Tuesday, a girl's corpse was found in one of the Dnieper's entrances. The victim was identified, after which the police detained a suspect in her murder. A possible killer was found the same day, police said in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

It is reported that the body of a girl aged 22 to 25 was found a resident of a tall building on the 6th floor at the entrance of house number 17 on Gusenko Street. The goalkeeper called the police. On the victim's body, there were traces of beatings, especially hematomas on the face. She remained dead in the same pants on the stairs.

Patrol police and ambulance arrived at the scene. Doctors found the girl's death. Militiamen called the investigative team, the dogs and the forensic scientists.

During the house inspection, police officers with Pete service dog found blood traces. They went to one of the apartments where the man was poisoned with blood on his body and clothes. 43, resident local retained. The cause of the woman's death will be determined during forensic examination.

Investigations continue, police question witnesses and fix all the circumstances of the incident. Now the issue of choosing a preventive measure. For committing an intentional killing of a man threatened with imprisonment for a period of 7 to 15 years.

Remember that the deceived woman prepared from her lover a kind of food that fed the workers.

Previously I wrote that in Nikopol, a young man wanted to kill a sister for 13 years.


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