Thursday , August 11 2022

Artyom Dzyuba – about the defeat of the Russian team against Sweden


This was the case when a football player's explicit analysis turned out to be more informative than the head coach's comment at a press conference. Five minutes of fire speeches Artyom Dzyuba has substantially summed up the game and explained why the team's game has recently begun to suddenly deteriorate.

– It's a shame we lost today. But he lost in this case, "Dziuba said.

– We have all seen how the country turns to face the team after the World Cup. And it's great. But are not you afraid that after two sensitive lesions the reversal will occur?
– First, we did not notice our indifference. Second, there were 4-5 key players. Take as many players as possible from any team – he will not play as he can. So I do not think the fans will come back.

The Germans are very strong, plus this match being a friendly one. Swedes are slightly different. This is the most offensive of all: they are very organized, good on the flanks and standards. We all knew that. It was impossible to put them right into the battle. In Kaliningrad, they won it and had a certain advantage. He lost here and therefore lost. The rival was better in this component, so he created chances.

The best marker RPL Cherchesovu is not useful. The last two matches of the year – 0: 5

Teacher familiar with the Russian team has returned. Swedes deserve to go to Division A of the League of Nations.

– Your partners are always looking for long books. Do not you think the team gets too "addicted"?
– No, I do not think so. We do not have a task to fight absolutely in every episode. But yes, sometimes abused. It is necessary to play more daring, more daring, calmer and more calculating. In addition, I repeat, there was a lack of creativity. Golovin was not enough, Zoby – the engine of the team, Mario Fernandez, a very competent and intelligent football player, Cheryshev, who is heading forward.

They're not key guys and it's very difficult. We tried to act at the expense of team spirit, some aggression, but we did not succeed. Lose on earth balls. I made two or three correct passes in the first half – I immediately created a moment. It would have marked her – maybe everything would go some way. But in general, we have to play much better collected and more organized, more precisely, more arrogant.

So, as it is today, it is impossible. I have easily allowed the Swedes everything. As the coaching staff said: For the first half they made 17-18 programs on each side. This is not normal. We did one and they – 34. In addition, as I have already said, I lost the fight, which can not be done in the matches with the organized Swedes. Any standard – that's all.

The Zabolotnaya team. The Russian story has passed

Cherchesov shed everything, but he is not a magician.

– Is there a desire to meet Sweden in the selection of the European 2020 Championship and to take revenge?
– I do not like such questions. He wanted to get to Gibraltar! My team, just waiting. But if the Swedes meet, I'm for that. I'd like to get back. In Kaliningrad it was necessary to earn them, but there were not enough people, football players now. I can not claim partners, we lose and we win together, but it seems to me that there is more quality if not for so much loss.

– Overall, it seems from the outside that even those players who have avoided the wounds are still emasculated, because the football of our World Cup team was very intense. How in fact?
– There's a little. I sprayed emotionally and physically. Our football team is in the national team, that in clubs it is very energy intensive. We are aware that we must play the most. Our strength is in very good movement, very aggressive struggles, rebounds and fierce desires.

With any team, even super-class, due to these qualities they are able to fight on equal terms. We have seen this in both Spain and Croatia – the game is coming up right away. As soon as these components disappear, we begin to escape. However, the Swedes – a team of our level. To be honest. It is not Germany, not Spain, not the Netherlands, not Croatia. But if we lose the fight, the odds are zero.

We're tired, but we have to keep on playing. If there was an opportunity for rest … But this is normal, everybody plays at such a rhythm on several fronts. We care a lot. The same Kuzyaev for each game exceeds 12-13 kilometers. It has a very strong effect on the body. We admire European stars like Cristiano, but have a less energy-consuming game. They dominate, they constantly pass. It's hard to play such a football, but it has results. You have to bend your line and not abandon it. The team will be rebuilt.

In general, perhaps such a slap in the face is really good. We have to win Group B to enter A. I hope we will now pass the selection and we will reach the Euro.

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