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Bari Alibasov: "If it was not for Lida, I would have gone to the monastery"


Bari Alibasov has married Lydia Shukshina after more than 20 years.

KP in Ukraine recalled how the story of the relationship between the Na-Na producer and the RSFSR national artist began.

For the marriage ceremony, the 80-year-old bride chose a lilac dress with colorful silver patterns, removing hair in a cloth trimmed with a hairpin to fit the dress. His 71-year-old fiancee, in his repertoire, chose a bright three-piece suit and a snow-covered shirt.

In the register, a couple is not the first time. Artists have children from previous trade unions. Alibasov has five official marriages behind him, Fedoseyev-Shukshin has been married four times. But, as you know, old love does not rust. According to the musician, he never experienced such intimacy, sincerity and trust with anyone as with Shukshina.

– Actually, I went to this step for more than ten years. Think long and weigh. And finally I realized it was enough to run away from me. That day we were together on the sand, in the sun, drawing, joking. I thought: how well! – Bari Alibasov remembers with a smile. "And why not live here as a legitimate spouse?"

"You know, Lydia admits at the ceremony," this is my first holiday, despite the fact that this is not the first marriage. " But earlier it was not used to arranging a magnificent wedding.

The story of their love began in the 90's of the 20th century. The couple met at the Nika Award ceremony at the Cinematographic House. At the request of a friend, Bari led Lydia into the house.

– I remember just being stunned. How would it be more correct to say, humanity or something like that. Immediately, she was unbearably eager to be with her. Previously, with a woman we could not be more than a few months, I wanted to stay with her for years, remembers the manufacturer.

– As Vasily Shukshin's wife, she, like no one, did not know how to live with a creator. That's why she became my muse, helped me a lot with her work, being a true shepherd of the wind, Alibasov wrote in the social network.

They lived more than three years without a stamp in the passport. For a nice music producer, this is a real record.

As in any other family, there are quarrels and disagreements. Here's how Shukshina speaks:

– Together we were not easy, we often quarreled. Despite this, I have always waited for Bari Karimovich and dreamed that someday I would become his legal wife.

According to Alibasov, his feelings have not cooled since the year 94. Lida was the only one whose heart had to be conquered. She did not face the choice of "me or work," and this was hooked on Alibasov. The couple did not get married just because they were both so good that Bari was afraid of destroying her happiness.

– In the autumn of 1995, so much of everything that came to me was that I had a clear feeling: my power had fled, to live for nothing and for whom. I began to think seriously about going to a monastery, living like a hermit. It would have happened if Lida had not been around, "recalls Bari Alibasov.

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