Saturday , October 1 2022

Bitcoin rhythm crashed: bitcoin-oracle announced forecast for six months, rate of cryptocurrency – economic news


The Bitcoin course for the next six months will fluctuate between $ 3-5 thousand. To buy cryptocurrency at this time is too risky.

About this in the CNBC broadcast channel, said Civic CEO Winnie Lingham, who is also called the "bitcoin verb" in the US. "I think the risks now exceed, in any case, the chances of growth in the short term. In the future, there will be better opportunities, you probably have to offer something more if you buy at $ 5.7-6 thousand, less risk associated with the fact that Bitcoin can grow at these levels and fall again, "- said Civic CEO.

The crude collapse of cryptocurrency:

At the same time, Lingham believes that the rate will not fall below $ 3,000. At the same time, in his opinion, the current recession is not related to infrastructure development issues, but to market participants' false expectations.

Remember: as previously wrote OBOZREVATEL, Bitcoin collapsed to the minimum sign of $ 3.5 thousand in 2017. With minor deviations, the most popular cryptocurrency rate fell systematically from the beginning of 2018 until it reached the psychological minimum for the market – the annual minimum.

At the same time, investment investor Tim Draper is convinced that the Bitcoin interest rate will reach 250 thousand USD by 2022.

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