Saturday , October 1 2022

Dasha Astafieva shot a popular photographer


Dasha Astafieva shot a popular photographerThe image of the model came out very well.

Ukrainian artist Dasha Astafieva, who shone a seductive figure, thanked the fans with photos from the new film. This time it turned out to be both bidding and pictorial. The artist shared images on the Instagram page.

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In front of the Sony Plakidyuk lens – the famous Ukrainian photographer – Dasha appeared very feminine.

In some pictures, the singer presents herself without a peak, covering her magnificent chest with her hands.

In other photos, Astafieva appeared in a luxurious white pink dress with a bold neckline and a hip-hip leg that highlighted her thin legs.

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Makeup for photography has chosen the most natural and gentle.

Fans have been delighted with this image of a celebrity.

Divine Woman, Goddess, Chic, Unreal, Magic Beauty, – write the descendants.

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