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Elections from "DNR": Belarus media: "The speech of the Sorcerer in Busy Donetsk is the end of his career, he fell to the bottom" – 10.11.2018


On the day of "popular vote" on the "choice" of the leaders of the terrorists in ORDLO, in Donetsk and Lugansk, another landing party of artists will land, which does not "throw away" the musical maps.

Territories in Lugansk and Donetsk regions surprised by Russia for such singers and singers have become the place they are trying to remind themselves of themselves, reports Dialog.UA.

On November 11, Dmitry Koldun, Belarus's Eurovision Song Contest, will add to this list. This singer became a special sensation at Eurovision 2007, when he took the 6th place. For Belarus, it was a breakthrough. No one has grown over the Koldun record for the entire Eurovision country's participation.

Now the successful singer weighs the Donbas separatists.

Belarusian media has already described Koldun's performance in Donetsk busy as a failure, which will inevitably affect its already blurred popularity.

"The child sank to the bottom," one of Belarus's telegram posts commented on Koldun's journey to "DPR".

By the way, a singer who will quit will come with him in Donetsk, about which has been heard a little about the last time. This is Julia Mikhalchik, an ex-fabrikantka.

Remember, in Donetsk, they said about the sad mood in the "capital" "DPR" on the eve of the "election."

Also, what troops the troops do to attract people to "polling stations" have been reported.

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