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Google Chrome for smartphones has the long-awaited function


Google Chrome for smartphones has the long-awaited functionIn the Google Chrome browser for the first time, at the request of millions of people, protection has appeared against this unpleasant thing.

Quite often in the network there are messages with information about how the subscriber, without his consent, to the phone number connected to the paid subscription. Everyone accuses their mobile operators of doing so, but in fact they are not to blame.

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In fact, if you use the mobile Internet on 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks, clicking on a link can automatically sign in to a paid subscription.

As it became known today on the official developer blog, in the 71st version of Google Chrome for Android and iOS-based smartphones, the most needed feature has emerged that will protect residents from all over the world of subscriptions paid. This internet browser will be released in December 2018, but now everyone can install the beta to test the new feature. Its essence is that when you open a link that can make a paid subscription, the user will be notified about this.

Google has conducted a study and found that every month at least 3 million Chrome users browse mobile subscription sites and click on links, after which the money starts getting out of their accounts. With the new version of the popular web browser, you can forget about it because when you try to download a page that can write money from your phone's account, the user will see a message. He will have to answer, he agrees to continue to look, otherwise he should go back.

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The warning will be displayed on the full screen so that the probability of accidental activation of a paid subscription tends to zero. According to the "search giant," all companies are required to first independently require consent to connect a paid subscription, but in pursuing their own profits, almost no one in 2018 does so. Once you click on the link to the number, you will receive an SMS with information about successful subscription and first-day money usage. It is usually impossible to return them. Download the Google Chrome 71 version in December this year will be from the App Store (iOS) and G Play (Android).

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