Friday , January 22 2021

Google Pixel 3 now has trouble overheating, but service centers will not be able to fix them.

Google Pixel 3 now has trouble overheating, but service centers will not be able to fix them.

on forums and forums into the social networks continue to receive complaints new google pixel 3 jobs and 3 xl. After problems with camera, battery, speakers and memory followed and overheating smartphones.

What happened

on According to owners of Google Pixel 3, some devices overheat a lot Toll. And it happens with wireless and wireless with wired charger when "pixel" performs and other activities: for example, video call, video streaming, music playback and so on

When warmed up A corresponding notification appears on the screen. after a while, in order to avoid breaking or even burning, the smart phone stops automatically.

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<p><span class= Google is not yet Notice this problem.

What about repair?

Another problem is related repair Google pixel 3 and 3 xl. C She faced a 9to5google journalist whose wife destroyed her new Pixel 3 XL. The couple entered support the Google store where they are sent Service Center Certified by uBreakiFix, which has been working successfully Google.

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<p>Specialists appreciated replacing the back glass surface<span class= 110 and dollars took the gadget. but a few days later it was reported that while no new pixel pieces into the There are only available batteries. uBreakiFix expects the parties to appear in next week (but is not sure)

and such a case Unfortunately no alone: ​​in networks already have many complaints Google Pixel 3 owners who do not do that have been able to repair their devices due to lack of spare parts or even glue to attach the screen coke (yes, there was It looks like it! Google does not counted with new "pixels" there will be so much headache.

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