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How was Oleg Vinnik's concert in Kiev – photos, video


The singer sang in the capital a concert in the tour "You Know"

Oleg Vinnik. Photo:

Oleg Vinnik. Photo:

On Wednesday, November 7, during the "You Know Me" tour, singer Oleg Vinnik, who shared the signature soup recipe, sang a concert in Kiev. The artist gathered a full house at the Sports Palace.

The artist did not keep fans waiting for a long time to appear on stage. Half an hour after the time announced in the posters, a beautiful, smiling, blue-eyed singer appeared in front of the fans.

By the way, despite the fact that Vinnik is considered by many to be the abductor of the exclusively feminine heart, people came to listen to Oleg's blows, who applauded him loudly and shouted "well done."

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Oleg Vinnik made a concert in Kiev

Photo: Today.Lifestyle

There were children, and glamorous ladies in heels and dresses, ordinary workers, and elderly people. One has all danced under the favorites "Nino", "Vovchitsya".

Also "Happiness", "Yak live without you," "Hello bride."

For almost 2.5 hours, Oleg sang only live, did not forget, in the intervals between songs, to communicate with the audience and "look" at the women who were already dizzy.

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Oleg Vinnik made a concert in Kiev

Photo: Today.Lifestyle

When fans gave idol flowers and gifts, in their opinion it was clear to what extent I love Winnick.

They wore huge bouquets of roses, chrysanthemums and other flowers, someone gave gifts. But above all, he was surprised by a gift from fans of the group of artists – handed him a huge portrait made by designer and made using diamond weaving technique.

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Oleg Vinnik took a picture

Photo: Today.Lifestyle

The scene deserves special attention. The artist gave real performance. Throughout the show, a giant OV-like scene rotates on stage.

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Oleg Vinnik made a concert in Kiev


In the middle of the concert, a chandelier of roses was attached and Vinnik's song was accompanied by an orchestra where violins and cello were involved.

On the song "Only You Are Alone," the audience was surprised. Vinnik prepared a fascinating number for this song, in which dancer Julia Sakhnevich – dancing with Pavel Vishnyakov in the show "Dancing with the Stars" was present. Like a butterfly, Julia walked over the hallway, and Oleg in vain barely waited for tears. By the way, the realization of the play "Peredutchya" Vinnik also almost wept.

In the room with Sakhnevich the surprises are not over. Also, with her song, the audience was pleased with the voice of Tayune, the voice of Oleg, and, according to the media, the wife of the singer.

Oleg presented it as "talisman commander" and "charvnu kvitku".

Playing Tayuna in the costumes of fish and in a mini mini dress sang three compositions.

Vinnik also decided to make his fans beautiful and give them a souvenir shirt. As the actor sang, the stars with star signatures were scattered in the hall. And then the fight began for life and death. The people caught the shirts of each other and almost fought. Our colleague, in which he was wearing the jerky shirt, one of the men broke his glasses and put an egg in his eyes. Of course, by chance, when he wanted to receive a gift from Vinnik, he did not see anything around him and did not see where he was going and behind him. But it turned out how it happened.

A little later, Oleg brought the fans with multicolored balls with the inscription: "You know." So no one left the artist's concert without a souvenir.

Note that during the "You Are Aware" Tournament, Oleg Vinnik will play a new concert in Kiev on November 9th. These will be followed by concerts in Minsk (November 17), Kremenchug (November 20), Cherkasy (December 4 and 5).

Recall that recently Oleg Vinnik first introduced Ukraine to his family. The singer showed reporters the place of childhood.


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