Friday , March 31 2023

In the Dnieper, a soldier of Ukrainian Armed Forces killed brutally – News from the Dnieper region and Dnipropetrovsk


In the Dnieper, Russian military forces in the Ternopil region Ruslan Romanyuk were brutally killed.

His body was discovered on November 14th. The warrior went on holiday in his native Bilozirka village. 41 years, man served two years in the armed forces of Ukraine, reports the publication "20 khvilin".

"The body of a man was found on November 14 in the central part of the Dnieper, in an abandoned building near the station, preliminary criminal proceedings were opened in connection with the murder. We are now waiting for conclusions about the cause of death," said Anna Starchevskaya , spokeswoman for the Dnipropetrovsk National Police Department.

"The terrible news provoked an attack on Lanovechchyn and our parish!" Ukraine's Armed Forces soldier, Ruslan Romanyuk, was brutally murdered, who went on holiday in his native village of Belozerka and wanted to pray in his quiet church in the village! Filyuk on Facebook page.

Among my relatives, only aunt stayed with Romanyuk. He lived with his grandparents, who died many years before serving.

In the Dnieper, he brutally killed a soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

As former OBOZREVATEL reported in Kiev, a mentally ill man almost killed a retired colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine when he opened his door. The victim was rescued by the rescued daughter, who dragged the attacker away from his father who was unconscious on the floor.

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