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It became known that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton always bears in her bag


The mystery is revealed: what always carries Kate Middleton's bag

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In the Duchess bag you will not find the keys or the money

The bag for women often resembles a storage of the most necessary and unnecessary things. Keys, a few lipsticks, a bag and a chewing gum – a minimum set for each of us. Is it the case of women in the royal family? Kate Middleton's biographer, Marcia Moody, has opened the curtain of this mystery, according to Cosmopolitan.

It seems that the Duchess of Cambridge always has four things with her, but they are the most necessary and practical.

First, it's a small mirror. To correct makeup and time to eliminate toothpaste from your teeth.

The second element that Kate always keeps is a handkerchief. Of course, when you have three children, it's just a necessity.

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Must have the number three is lip balm, and number four is matte napkins. It reveals the secret of Kate's impeccable skin and perfect pictures.

At the same time, you will not find the keys, the money or the mobile phone in Duce's bag. This is because Prince William's husband is always accompanied by bodyguards or personal assistants.

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Remember Kate Middleton hit the dress at the reception. The couple visited the BBC studio to discuss the creation of the Kids Online Wellbeing program, which will deal with harassment and harassment of children from the Internet.

Previously, it was reported that the nephew of the Duchess of Cambridge was given a royal name.

I also wrote that Kate Middleton was hit by a thin figure in a stylish dark blue dress.

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