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J.P. Morgan Pescotorrel forecast of Brent in 2019 | Oil.Эксперт


J.P. Morgan lowered its forecast for Brent crude oil in 2019 yuan to $ 73 a barrel against $ 83.50 a barrel in its forecasted investment forecast, a CNBC telex.

Chapter нефтегазового отдела J.P. Morgan in the Asia-Pacific region, Scott Darling, said in an interview with CNBS that the US investment bank has been averaging its forecasts in the last few months for the North American Americas in the second half of the year. According to a forecast by the Bank, in 2020 the average Brent crude oil fell to $ 64 a barrel.

Currently, it is time for the OECD to decide on the prospect of a prolongation of the pact with the unprovoked ones. By the name of Darling, the oil and gas company needed a sockraft of 1.2 million barrels in oil vats in the year 2019.

In October, the price of petroleum was increased to more than a maximum of Donald Trampa's sanctions in relative Iran. It was the president's decision that the United States undertook to support its predecessor in the prolonged bold parts.

For the month until the date of checkout, the petroleum prices reached a maximum of 4 years, but the price for the two months would be 30%. Fundamental quotes of quotations have resulted in an increase in asset sales and share capital, and thus a growing consensus in relative terms such as the 2019 yesterday offer будет опережать спрос.

"Politics США сыграла опреденую роль … (но) это все еще вызвано туманными перспективами спроса", – убежден Darling.

Renee of the price volatility of oil to yen 2019 yesterday spoke Goldman Sachs. The BNP Paribas experts predicted Brent $ 80 for barrel. The International Aerospace Agency has warned, however, that the neutering has not reached its peak.


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