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Kashshai may be eliminated from the Champions League – a reaction to a sanction for media and ManCity players


The defeat of Şahtar of Manci has two loops. From 0: 6 and from a caricature punishment in Pyatov's gate. "The punishment was ridiculous, but please, this is no excuse after the game. "City" deserved to win with such an account – said the mining trainer "Paulo Fonseca". "City" is a completely different team. It's a car. And I think he can win this Champions League. And my players did not have the courage to be themselves.

Well, the most resounding episode took place in the 23rd minute, 1: 0 in favor of the host. If suddenly someone did not see: the Hungarian referee Victor Kashshai called a punishment, noting that Nikolai Matvienko shot Rakhim Stirling, although Matvienko was a meter away from Stirling and fell, only to stumble on a lawn. It is clear that Kashshai is now called Ukrainophobia. After all, he did not see our goal against England at Euro 2012. But Kashshai dirty in the UK. For example, the BBC title: "The most serious punishment in history?". And further on: "Rakhim Sterling, according to our data, has become the first football player he has stolen his own foot." And British fans have flooded the social networks with stranded amorphous dog memories, astronauts on the Moon, etc., under the title "Repeat Foul on Sterling" and comments such as: "Sterling's most serious fall from Brex ".


"I did not realize the contacts, I just got over my head, I apologize to the referee and to Shakhtar," said Sterling "miners" after the game, for which after a first quick shot this penalty was a serious blow to intestine, this repentance would not be easier. if Rahim or Guardiola immediately indicated the referee a mistake, the city coach asked, but Pep "moved": "Yes, it was immediately clear that the error. But in the last Champions League, "Liverpool" could also say that our goal was canceled incorrectly, but everyone in "Liverpool" was silent. The answer to these errors can be using VAR (repeat video). We do not like to score a goal in such a situation. "But they scored, because I can not …

But, of course, not only in the case of the penalty. "Yes, the judge took the game and killed, after 0: 2 everything was already decided, but why this episode broke the team so much?" Şhicar has always been famous for his character, "said Viktor Grachev, the former miner. I also understood Fonseca's decision to put Matvienko back on the right side of the defense, made many mistakes in Kharkov and in Manchester failed just to play, why not try Butko? "and after replacing Nem and Patrick became, in my opinion, just worse." ADO just go through her. "And PSG missed 6 balls from" Barcelona "I want to believe that all the negative rate has already swallowed in the remaining matches in the nose's blood to get points."

After being flown to Ukraine, the Shahtiar charter because of the fog could not stay in Kiev: neither Kiev nor Borispol did not accept. Refused and Kharkov Airport. I had to fly to Odessa, where the board is waiting for a refueling, and only the following morning, when the weather improved, the team arrived in the capital.

But the chances of reaching the Pitmen Champions League playoff remain: you have to win the two matches and get sick so the city does not lose in Lyon. On November 27, in Shakhtar and Hoffenheim, there is a battle for eurovesna.

"Kashshai can move away from the Champions League"

Without seeing Ukraine's goal against England at Euro 2012, Viktor Kassai was suspended from arbitration to those European Championships. But then in the European club whistled with no mistake: in season 2012/13, immediately after the "Ukrainian" punishment, sued max 7 matches of the Champions League and LE. I worked on the next Euro in 2016 and even in the playoffs at the quarter-final of Germany-Italy.

"I do not think Kassai to Euro was the main culprit: it is almost impossible to see off the field if the ball crossed the line", said FIFA referee Miroslav Stupar. "Where his assistant (Istvan Wad.), Who was 3 meters away from the episode, is a mystery to me, is the same thing now, Kashshai was behind the players, could not see the moment but his assistant has stopped before the episode, why do you need it? After all, the moment is simple: the referees will be punished? See, I will follow: they will be judged The Heaviest Games of the League of Nations and the European Cup.

By the way, with Euro-2012, the "Kashsha brigade" changed the "judges in turn": now it is responsible for Tamas Bognar.

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