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Kiev Day and Night: Season 5 Series 46 watch online from 11/27/2018 on New Channel


Tuesday, November 27, episode 46 of Season 5 of the Kiev Serial will be presented in the air on November 27th, day and night.

Watch the 46th series of the 5 series Kiev night and day at Lite RBC-Ukraine.

Bee – Kiev timers day and night. In the last three years (and five seasons), all of Ukraine has watched the life of this delightful girl and her friends and neighbors. And, of course, she, like all the characters of the series, is constantly recognized. Bee talked about fans, gifts and hetes in social networks.

About age

– I like fans! And I do not mind at all. I have read all the messages that write to me on social networks. When the first seasons of the project just came out, they were mostly teenagers aged 14-15. But further, the more so among our adult fans for 20-30 years.

About shyness

– At first I was shy about fans, recognition. When you are close and you are asked to take a picture, but you do not know how to react. What's so special about me? My brain was "washed" by a friend. Once I went through the mall, I, as usual, tried to be inconspicuous and unobserved. And she says, "Bee, do you understand people see you and smile? Thanks to a random encounter with you, someone is in a good state, so everything is right." And I stopped to be shy. Why not? Gradually, I became accustomed to recognition. True, public transport has become more difficult to drive. You need to put a lid with a large viewfinder so that people learn less.

About Assistants and Taxi Drivers

– Recently there was a funny situation. I was going home by taxi. The taxi driver and I were silent all the way. And when I was going out and paying a taxi, he said, "No, Albina, I will not let you pay for the trip, I have a wife, two kids and we all see Kiev day and night. I can take you for free and anyway, if you have to drive somewhere, call me right away! All day I smiled.

Kiev day and night: 5 season 46 series

Shot of Kiev day and night

About Hayter

– Of course, I've filled them. How long it has been over the years! I still write about the look: they say you are fat, fat. But I have learned to respect and even love these people. After all, they spend time writing this, they are following the project! And, at least, we're giving ratings. And criticism, like praise, motivates me a lot.

About spies

– There have never been serious persecutions. But very often people are following us. When they want to take a picture, they're afraid. And so it stamped 2-3 kilometers – sometimes overtaking, then falling behind, frozen near and sighing. It was scary at first, but now I'm used to it. I do not understand why I should be shy. I am an open person – I will take a photo with pleasure. I'm even talking, if there's one minute.

Kiev day and night: 5 season 46 seriesShot of Kiev day and night

About gifts

– Many gifts are given to our fans. Handmade toys, bracelets and blouses, posters, flowers! I remember once a girl came and gave me a red rose and a book she had herself done. It was very beautiful. All the gifts I put in a special box and I kept it.

I love most of the house posters. We share with the boys after meeting with the fans and the store. On the refrigerator in the apartment at Dneprovskaya (heroes in Kiev live there day and night, – ed.) We have a postcard with us all, which one of the fans drew and presented.

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