Sunday , May 29 2022

Microsoft will transfer the trade to RuNet in dollars


The Microsoft Store, where you can purchase games and applications for Windows and Xbox consoles, will now use dollar prices.

For all this, Microsoft has rejected the rumors that the company has left the country. Fading away. It started on November 5, the company's representatives said.

As it turned out, the rumors were exaggerated, but the Russian Microsoft Deposit really change the currency – in time, the goods will begin to be displayed in dollars.

Users in the Russian Federation can also visit our retail partners to buy products. Microsoft for rubles.

It is worth noting that Microsoft have gathered to redirect sales after a technical and operational analysis to develop a business approach. In the online store Microsoft Store apps and games for Windows and Xbox game consoles.

What kind of business practices and research results we are talking about, the company did not specify.

"We remain committed to our users in the Russian Federation and we will continue to work in this country," the media reported.

Most likely, very soon the purchase prices for all Xbox software and video games will be raised, as a result of all the company's products Microsoft much more expensive. Also in Microsoft Keep in mind that it is impossible to buy Windows 10 – the "Add to Cart" button on the purchase page to buy the system does not work.

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