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Muddles in the Kremlin said about her mission of living and persecution in Ukraine. Social events


The Ukrainian People's Artist Taisiya Povaliy, who lives and works in the Russian Federation, gave a solo concert in the Kremlin stating that there are "persecutions"

Reports on this "DS" related to the Russian Internet edition "Dni.ru".

Povaliy said she had a difficult time in her life, for which she stopped playing, celebrated anniversaries and went to Spain.

"Some time ago I had a kind of stop inside, the fire suddenly disappeared, which should always burn in the artist, I did not want anything, then the persecution started, the period of my life was not easy, nor did I "I celebrated the anniversary – was very sad, went to Spain, lived in the middle of nature for a long time, went into it and sought answers to all the questions," the singer said before the start of his Kremlin concert. At the same time, Povaliy did not clarify the kind of "persecution" we are talking about.

According to her, in solitude (probably "among nature in Spain" – DS ") "understood that he must fulfill his mission and return to the stage."

"And then I realized a lot, I realized that I had to fulfill my mission on earth that God gave me, to fulfill all the obstacles and as soon as I got to that I started to receive and I wanted to meet them, and at the same time, celebrate the anniversaries that you were supposed to lose. "The Kremlin concert is a certain stage of life," Povaliy said.

During the program of "Heart Is the House of Love", Taisia ​​Povaliy performed in the Kremlin "Oi near the Cherry Orchard" and "Tsvies Land" as well as the famous "Chervona Ruta" Vladimir Ivasiuk, performed by the Ukrainian artist Sofia Rotaru.

We will remember, earlier in the Verkhovna Rada was registered a bill on the deprivation of titles of national and honored artists from Ukraine Taisiya Povaliy, Ani Lorak, Vitaliy Kozlovsky. Svetlana Loboda and other artists active in Russia.

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