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My task is to progress and to prove that I am not in vain game Dynamo –


Dinamo midfielder Vladimir Shepelev answered questions after a devastating victory over Mariupol.

Vladimir Shepelev, FC Dynamo

Vladimir Shepelev, FC Dynamo
November 12, 2018

– How does it fit, Vladimir?

– In the first half of the year, I think Mariupol played perfectly. They created a few moments, they could not score a goal. It would be difficult for us if they succeeded. It is good that in the second half we have managed to meet and we have achieved a result.

– Now Dynamo is a slight visibility, which was not at the beginning of the season. Why?

– We started to feel better and, therefore, moments began to appear more often.

– Everyone is interested in Nikolai Shaparenko, who added a lot. Score every match! Where does this power come from?

– Shaparenko works a lot. In training and after them, because I think this is his personal merit.

– Have you signed a new five-year contract with Dynamo, how much do you inspire?

– Of course, he motivates me. My task is to progress and prove that I do not play in vain in this club.

– Now the 8 point difference with the miner. Is this critical?

– Straight ahead! We have two more personal matches against Shahtir, they have to be won. Perhaps they will lose points somewhere except for the games with us. All before, we will work to the end.

– You have to play with Astana on an artificial field, are you ready for that?

– I'm sure the coach will prepare us properly and we will win. Playing in Kazakhstan, we will certainly win.

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