Friday , March 31 2023

Nastya Kamenskih sang in Spanish


The singer Nastya Kamenskikh has published a video on the Web, where she can hear how well she plays in Spanish. Now the artist is in the United States and visited Las Vegas. Read more on WANT.


Nastya sang the Mexican song "Cucurrucucú, paloma", which in Spanish means "Cucurrucuku, the pigeon".

Previously, the artist mentioned:

My parents worked in the Ukrainian national choir and had a lot of excursions to Mexico! When we celebrated something, they always sang the "Cucurrucucu Dove"!

Currently, the artist is in Las Vegas, United States of America. There, Kamensky offers interviews, takes part in social events and makes his favorite work – he sings.

She signed her new job:

Here in Las Vegas, it is a great honor for me to play with famous mariachi artists around the world.

The fans did not miss the chance to praise Nastya, leaving clear comments in the publication: "The Latino-American state is yours, Nastya!

She went on a journey with Nastya Kamensky and Potap, earlier in one of her interviews, admitted that they and Nastya did not lose their duet.

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Photo: Instagram Nasty Kamensky

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