Monday , June 27 2022

New Image of Asteroids Bennu – Technologies


The OSIRIS-REx device made a new snapshot of the asteroid Bennu. As reported on NASA's website, the photo was taken on November 16, when the device was 136 miles away from a celestial body.

In the new image you can see the craters and groups of stones that cover the surface of Bennu. Already in December, OSIRIS-REx will start using the MapCam camera, which will allow you to capture the asteroid in color and map the distribution of different substances on its surface.

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The mission of the station to the asteroid will last until 2021, and then a reverse motion to Earth will begin. During his stay in the orbit of the asteroid, OSIRIS-Rex must photograph the asteroid, draw its map and touch its surface once to collect soil samples.

Earlier, scientists have said that asteroids potentially dangerous to the earth remain invisible to ground telescopes. Researchers have come to their conclusions by analyzing data about objects close to earth detected by several observers.

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