Friday , September 30 2022

Paruby said about the confusion in the martial law data


Martial law in 10 regions of Ukraine will not be introduced as of November 26 (as stated in the decree), but on the day of publication of the relevant law in the courier Uryadovoy (so far, the government newspaper has a text about the martial law for 60 days throughout Ukraine). It is reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

"Although the decree itself has a date from 14:00 on November 26th, it will actually come into force and become law when it is signed and published. I think it will most likely be tomorrow during the day," the speaker explained Supreme Council Andrew Paruby.

He also mentioned that he intends to sign the law on his return to Ukraine on Wednesday 28 November. He hopes that this document will promptly sign the President. "And when it will be published in" Curierul Uryadovoy. "Since then, the law and the presidential decree have entered into force," the parliament speaker said.

However, earlier, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine explained that martial law, adopted by presidential decree and endorsed by the Verkhovna Rada, is introduced in 10 regions of Ukraine and in the inland waters of Azov-Kerch water at the time 14:00 on November 26 for a period of 30 days until December 26).

As the page reported on November 26, the Verkhovna Rada approved the introduction of martial law in a number of regions in Ukraine, announced by a decree of President Petro Poroshenko, for a period of 30 days. According to the amendments, martial law is introduced in the regions neighboring Russia and Transnistria: Vinnitsa, Lugansk, Nikolaev, Sumy, Odessa, Kharkov, Chernihiv and Kherson, as well as in the Donetsk and Zaporozhye regions and Azov-Kerch water inland.

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