Thursday , March 23 2023

Tesla made a useful purchase.


Tesla made a useful purchase.Tesla has acquired a number of transport companies

Tesla has acquired a number of transport companies for the rapid distribution of electric vehicles in the US, writes referring to Avtodream

Under the law in force in America, consumers can benefit from a federal tax credit of $ 7,500 for the purchase of electric vehicles.

The offer is valid until the two hundreds of thousands of electric cars will be deployed by the car manufacturer. As soon as this happens, the loans concerned will no longer be issued.

In 2018, Tesla has already sold over 200,000 vehicles, the federal borrowing restriction came into force and anyone wishing to borrow $ 7.5 thousand from the state should have time to do so before December 31 .

In this respect, the demand for electric cars increased significantly and the company decided to invest its assets in the program to increase the volume of goods.

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Thanks to new new transport opportunities, the Tesla Model 3 electric car will be delivered even in the furthest region of the United States within 30 calendar days.

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