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The Bitcoin rate drops to $ 1,500 – the Bloomberg Intelligence forecast


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Computer equipment manufacturers also suffer from a decrease in cryptocurrency rhythm.

AFP pictures

AFP pictures

The fall of the Bitcoin rate is just the beginning, the cost of the main cryptocurrency may drop to 1.5 thousand dollars for a symbol. This forecast was announced by Bloomberg Intelligence analysts.

"Analysts predict that the price may fall to 1.5 thousand dollars, which will mean another 70% more than the current level," – writes Bloomberg.


Bitcoin in 2018 lost more than 60% of the cost. Along with the main cryptocurrency, "spilled" and alcohols, including XRP (Ripple) and Bitcoin Cash.

Experts have reminded that computer equipment manufacturers also suffer from the fall of Bitcoin. E.g, Nvidia's revenue declined without mining. C At the beginning of October-2018, the company's shares show a downward trend.

"Nvidia stock price decline reflects the future when demand for cryptoculture collapses" – says Peter Mailou, investment planning engineer.

"The mahmurel after cryptobum lasted longer than expected. I thought I correctly rated the dynamics of cryptocurrency, – said Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun.

As reported Nvidia will stop producing video cards for mining. In the remainder of the period until the end of 2018, the company does not expect an increase in sales in this segment.

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