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what I write in the Exodus Metro preview


Less than a month is left before the launch of one of the most anticipated games this year, Metro Exodus. Recently, the Deep Silver publisher has allowed journalists to try a new version of the preview, and on January 16th lifted the ban on publishing preliminary reviews and videos. From articles you can find out more details – the most important ones we've collected for you in this article.

According to DailyTech, in the version provided, journalists were asked to explore three large open locations – on the banks of the Vlei (spring) in the desert, once at the base of the Caspian Sea (summer) and taiga (autumn). All journalists have appreciated the game for its unusual surroundings, unique atmosphere, exciting locations, a constant sense of tension, high quality sound (using binaural sound), an impressive image and dark tunnels, where you have to scare your enemies with a lighter. Exodus Metro borrowed some elements from Far Cry: different systems interact with each other, which sometimes leads to an unexpected result. The main character may lose an important event and can only see the consequences of the event. Collisions with NPCs and monsters, as well as weather events are dynamically generated.

Deficiencies have also found many. The game does not have an open world (instead of it – many more spacious locations), but even very large cards, as noted by PC Gamer employee Samuel Roberts, are not very interesting to study because of lack of experience and other elements RPG. Visiting unnecessary places and listening to journals is not rewarded in any way – this is research for the sake of research. In some places you can find improvements for weapons, but in most cases, deviating from the trail, the player gets into unpleasant situations-you can stumble on a large group of opponents, spend all your ammunition, and die. For this reason, the journalist decided to strictly follow the designated route, as in a linear game.

Roberts also mentioned that not everyone likes the rhythm of the story: Metro Exodus has many long episodes in which "Nothing is happening". However, four hours later, the journalist did not lose interest in the game. According to the journalist, some scenes of action seem to be inappropriate and seem to be made – For the sake of entertainment. Journalists showed a large-scale battle, during which Artyom did not destroy his enemies, but he slipped along the wall creating munitions and medals on the move. "The subway is not Call of Duty and I like it, but this scene seems to be taken from another game, – he wrote. – She rejects a little.

More details:

  • there are no secondary missions in the game;
  • the animation of opponents is much worse than the models themselves;
  • killing mutants is generally useless: ammunition falls only out of people. On the one hand, this is realistic, but on the other hand, the player feels that each bullet fired at the mutant is wasted;
  • employed VG247 Kirk McKeand does not recommend playing on the console due to the too complex objective and control scheme, in general, unsuccessful. He called Metro Exodus "Hardcore Computer Game, Anything To Say";
  • Journalist informant Matt Bertz (Matt Bertz) complained about Artyom's slumber: the main character moves heavily and fails to act quickly during a shootout. The animations are too long and, until it's over, Artyom will be completely defenseless;
  • according to Bertz, desert locations are very well developed, which is very rare in games. The bottom of the Caspian Sea is not only a huge desert: there are docks, a beacon, a crane, several prisoners and a cave system;
  • DualShockers viewer Ryan Meitzler complained about the performance of the Xbox One X version. Despite the console's power, the cadence rate during enemy battles and in lots of details fell to 30 frames / s (and sometimes less), although the remaining time close to 60 frames per second.

However, flaws could not ruin the overall impression of the game. Maitzler admitted that even after he met the imperfect preview version of Metro Exodus, it remained one of the most anticipated games since the beginning of 2019. According to him, the new game demonstrates that Metro's ideas can work in a vast world. He praised developers for having managed to create spacious locations without affecting the narrative, which the previous parts remind them of.

Below you can see new gameplay fragments from GamesRadar, RPS, GameByte, Eurogamer, Polygon, IGN and Pass the Controller.

Metro Exodus will be released on February 15 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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