Monday , September 26 2022

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At the funeral of one of Ukraine's most brutal murderers, Sergei Tkach, no young woman arrived to worship him or other relatives. "Pologovsky Maniac" was buried by the staff of the penitentiary service "on their own".

About this comment "Today," said the head Zhytomyr Penitentiary setting number 8 Konstantin Shedlovsky. He also shared the details of Tkach's death, who executed a life sentence.(to see photos and videos at the bottom of the page).

According to Shedlovski, the killer died on November 4 and not on the 5th, as the media reported. They buried the maniac on Wednesday, November 7th.

"When he got sick, at 15:00 he called an ambulance, had a very low pressure, the ambulance did not take him and at 19:00 he died," Shedlovski said. At the same time, he added that the "Pologovsky maniac" was calm and did not commit any violation.

Staff of the State Teaching Service attempted to contact Serghei Tkach's wife, but without result. Its November 8th location is unknown.

"After Tkach's death, no one came and took him, I buried him alone. As far as I know, he complained of his heart and complained of breathlessness." The birth of a child is not just so. the heart is already weak, "Shedlovski said.

As is well known, Tkach has executed the death penalty in Zhytomyr Colony no. 8. The number of proven offenses is 37, Tkach himself admitted to raping and killing 107 people. The weaver killed and raped girls aged 9-17. The violator kept a diary in which he wrote all the terrible details of the murders.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, while behind bars, Weaver married a 27-year-old girl, Elena, who wore him with a baby. In an interview with reporters, she said she would help her husband hide the bodies of the victims if she had met her earlier. In turn, psychologists have analyzed what is wrong with the young wife of "Pologovsky Maniac".

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