Friday , March 31 2023

Years Lorak danced erotic dance


The singer danced seductively in a glamorous dress and published a dance film

Not even Lorak. Photo: instagram / anilorak

Not even Lorak. Photo: instagram / anilorak

Ani Lorak, who has recently celebrated his 40th anniversary, has published a new franc dances video on the net.

In the video, singing in a slick, shiny dress with a slit, covered with sequins, she moved seductively to music. Ani Lorak's short film: "Live here and now, feel the music inside you"

The movements of the actress were not the taste of everyone. Many fans are advising them to collaborate with a choreographer. But there were those who liked this dance by Karolina. The fans noticed that the performer is in shape and that everything will be good in her life.

We will remember earlier that Years Lorak has published pictures in Instagram images that caused dislikes among subscribers. In the photos, the star is presented in a spectacular red dress with feathers and eye decoration. Legendary British musician Freddie Mercury once played in the same concert costume.

In the same tune, she spoke before, and the photo is published online, to which the fans reacted violently.


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