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Babs Beverley died 91 years old: Beverley Sisters star was the voice of massive Christmas hits


Beverley Sisters star Babs Beverley died 91 years old.

Sisters Babs, Teddie and Joy shot her hits including the Little Drummer Boy and saw Mother Kissing Santa Clause, both festive songs being on the sixth place in the UK Singles Chart in the 1950s.

They also made waves with their version of sisters, initially made by Rosemary Clooney in the 1954 classic White Christmas.

The close harmony trio continued to play on the BBC show in the 1950s and was made MBE in 2006 – four years after entering Guinness World Records as the longest surviving vocal group in the world without changing the original form.

No cause of death was given, but Bab Joy's sister died at the same age in 2015 after having suffered a stroke.

Beverley Sisters Teddie, Joy and Babs

They are said to have been the UK's largest female paid entertainment in their time

Imagined with Bruce Forsyth

Joy was married to Wolverhampton Wanderers star Billy Wright for 36 years since marriage in 1958 but died unfortunately after fighting cancer in 1994.

Babs was born on 5 May 1927 on Babette P. Chinery, next to his twin sister Teddie, and grew up in Bethnal Green, east London.

The girls were evacuated to the Midlands during the Second World War and continued to work as typists before becoming Bonnie Babies in an Ovaltine sleeping advertising campaign.

Beverley Surori

The women had the same birthday

Once the war ended, they co-starred with Eric Winstone and his orchestra, and made regular appearances on the BBC and NBC America.

It seems the sisters were the most paid artists filming in the UK in the fifties, sixties and seventies.

They performed three times at the royal show of varieties and sang at the Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002.

In the same year, they reached Guinness World Records as the longest surviving vocal group without a component change, and continued to perform in concerts and matinee performances by 2009.

After retirement, they continued to live side by side in Barnet, in northern London.

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