Thursday , February 9 2023

Experts take another leap in experimenting with quantum complex teleportation


Experts at the University of Vienna and the Academy of Sciences of Austria managed to make another leap in experimenting with complex quantum systems.

Physicists around the world are trying to increase the number of two-dimensional systems called qubits, the researchers around Anton Zeilinger break the new lands.

They pursue the idea of ​​using more complex quantum systems, such as qubits, to increase data capacity with the same number of particles. Developed technology could allow the transmission of complex quantum systems in the future.

The results of their work entitled "Experimental Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger Entanglement Beyond QuBits" have recently been published in Nature Photonics.

Google and IBM are looking for ways to produce an increasing number of entangled Qubits

Qubits are similar to bits in conventional computers and are the smallest unit of data in quantum systems.

Tech giants, like Google and IBM, are competing with research institutes around the world to produce a larger number of incomplete Qubits. The motivation is to develop a quantum running computer.

A group of experts from the University of Vienna and the Academy of Sciences of Austria took a new path to increase the information capacity of quantum complex systems.

What they do is that instead of just increasing the number of particles involved in the process, the overall complexity of each system is increased.

"The special work of our experiment is that for the first time he confuses three photons beyond the conventional two-dimensional nature," said Manuel Erhard, the first author of the study.

The results of this study could have a massive impact on future technologies, such as quantum teleportation.

Erhard believes that the methods and technologies they have developed are essential for quantum communication networks. You can check the study here.

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