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Inside the disgusting Chinese restaurant closed as an "emergency"


Photographs made in a Chinese restaurant with a zero hygiene rating reveal why health inspectors closed it as "emergency" after a single visit.

Environmental health physicians have been met with "disgusting levels" of dirt, dirt, moldy food, and "widespread evidence of a mouse infection" when they visited Hot Wok in central Middlesbrough last November.

As a result, they had no choice but to close it immediately.

An emergency hygiene ban notice has been issued requiring immediate closure of the premises (Imagine: Evening Gazette)

Under an emergency hygiene emergency notification, the restaurant was not allowed to reopen until the officers were satisfied with effective pest and prevention measures and the restaurant was cleaned and disinfected.

But when they visited again in February, officers once again uncovered lack of cleanliness, poor personal hygiene practices, and poor standards of cleanliness on food equipment.

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Incredibly, a third inspection in June did not find any improvement in the restorer's hygiene standards again and was definitively closed with immediate effect.

The company that owns Hot Wok, business operator Smile Z and W Limited, was fined £ 48,000, down by one-third to £ 32,000, as a result of an early guilty claim, after claiming guilty of 11 offenses at the Teesside Magistrates Tribunal.

Judith Hedgley, head of the Middlesbrough Public Protection Department, told the court: "This food business has had the opportunity to improve hygiene standards.

The food was left in the kitchen, where inspectors found clear evidence of mouse infestation (Imagine: Evening Gazette)
The restaurant was not just infested – it was dirty (Picture: Evening Gazette)

"However, despite a number of visits and a previous warning, they did not operate their business to the required standards.

"Food businesses must ensure that their premises are kept clean and free from pests".

At the hearing, magistrates said food outlets had a duty to maintain the highest standards and took businesses at risk of "very serious" public health.

Middlesbrough Counselor Julia Rostron: "Public safety is essential, and our organic health officers work closely with food businesses to ensure that good standards are maintained.

The restaurant was hit with a fine of over 30,000 pounds as a result of the "catalog of crimes" (Imagine: Evening Gazette)
Hot Wok, on Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough, has been visited three times by health officials, but has never improved his hygiene or cleanliness (Imagine: Evening Gazette)

"The vast majority of Middlesbrough food businesses are well managed, hygienic and get a top-rated food hygiene rating.

"However, if poor hygiene conditions are encountered in any food industry in Middlesbrough, they must take prompt enforcement measures, and this could also lead to prosecution and substantial sanctions."

In addition to the fine, Smile Z and W Ltd were forced to pay £ 1,188 and an extra £ 170.

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