Thursday , March 23 2023

It’s time to let this giant $ 250 Pokmon pillow devour you to sleep •


Ugh, it’s the end of the first week of 2021 and it’s almost time to go for a few days.

And if you had $ 250 in reserve, you could do a lot worse than lie on it, a huge Pokémon pillow in the shape of a ghostly Gengar.


As you can see, the pillow comes with a 170 cm folding tongue on which to sit. Your head is then placed in Gengar’s horrible mouth, which is 53 cm wide and 48 cm high.


And, although unconventional, I believe that this position is also a very strong and understandable issue in 2021.


The sleeping aid is the work of Japanese retailer P-Bandai, which opened online pre-orders for a pillow of 25,950 yen (about 180 pounds) last night. Unfortunately, they are all exhausted now.

Interestingly, Gengar is usually said to haunt you while you’re awake, rather than while you sleep (if you see your shadow moving while standing still, this Pokémon is probably playing tricks on you). .

However, the new Gigantamax Gengar variant introduced in the latest games in the Pokémon Sword and Shield series has a worrying ability related to its giant gaping tapestry.

“The rumor says it,” Pokédex tells us in the games, “the mouth does not lead into his body, full of cursed energy, but directly into the afterlife … If you stand in front of your mouth, you will hear the voices of loved ones shouting at you.”

Night night.

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