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James Bulger's mother hits the 5th channel documentary about the brutal murder of the son of the child


James Bulger's mother beat a new documentary, promising to shed new light on his son's murder.

Denise Fergus disgusted her disgust at Channel 5, James Bulger: The New Discoveries After It Was Spread This Tonight.

James was only two years old when he was kidnapped and killed by Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, then at the age of 10.

Going to Twitter, she wrote: "I had to look at disgusting channel5_tv documentary caravan__media, to know what I have to deal with.

"I can honestly say I'm upset, smoking with unilateral sympathy for my son's beautiful murderers who were only two years old when they kidnapped him and killed him."

To James Bulger, Denise, with his son, who was only two years old when he was killed

The Channel 5 show claimed to present "new surprising evidence" about the case that saw a two-year-old James kidnapped and killed by Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, then at the age of 10.

The schoolmen took everything from a shopping center in 1993, and they took him two and a half kilometers to Liverpool before batting him and torturing him to death.

However, the motive of the crime has always remained unclear.

No boy showed their trial, and their lawyers did not offer defense.

Jamie Bulger
Blinds Bulger

The kidnapping of James Bulger
The kidnapping of James Bulger

But 25 years after the end of the trial, the documentary said it would examine what prompted the boys to kill innocent children.

In the documentary, Robert Thompson's statement was revealed, in which he talked about "shame and revenge" about his murder as he tried to gain his freedom.

Thompson told the password council: "I am very ashamed of what I did and the fact that I played a role in this horrible crime."

In his 2001 statement, Thompson said he was "sorry," but he accepted that his remorse would not be considered authentic by Ralph and James's mother, Denise.

A ruling by the June parliamentary council recommended that Thompson and Venables, both of them aged 18, be released on a lifetime license and released under new identities.

Robert Thompson, 10, presents for the British authority February 20, 1993
Robert Thompson, 10, presents for the British authority February 20, 1993

Thompson said that when he and Venables left the Bootle Strand shopping center, Merseyside, he "became aware that Jon Venables had a boy with him."

From the CCTV images that show James was triggered, Thompson said: "I really regret that I did not do anything to stop it at this moment, and the sight of these photos fills me with shame and repulsion."

But he denied attacking James before killing him.

He added: "Jon Venables and I have not talked to us at all, as I remember during the attack. And we did not talk about it after I left James Bulger on the railroad.

Jon Venables
Jon Venables, 10, presents for the British authority February 20, 1993

In his statement, he said: "At that moment of my life, I was totally out of control and spending time with a group of friends whose main occupation committed the crime and caused problems.

"I did not have control because my life on the streets was better for me than my home life – I had nothing for my home."

Speaking for release, he said, "I feel aware that I am now a better person and I have had a better life and better education than if I had not committed the crime.

"There is, of course, an irony for this, but it is also part of my feelings of remorse. I personally want the Lord and Mrs. Bulger and their families to know that I am sorry for what I have done and know the enormity of what I did.

"Mr. and Mrs. Bulger made statements in the press, indicating that I would see a remorse statement as a cynical maneuver to ensure my release. It is difficult, since, to see how I can ever communicate remorse in an efficient way. "

The tomb of the child killed in the Kirkdale cemetery

The program, which included "new interviews and testimonials from those directly involved in this case," revealed details of Thompson's family life, claiming he was subjected to violence.

Putin knows about Thompson's life since he was released when he was 18 years old. In February, 36, Venables was jailed for the second time for child abuse images.

He is currently serving a 40-month sentence.

Mirror Online contacted channel 5 for comments.

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