Wednesday , May 31 2023

Martin Lewis explains how the British can completely avoid raising Netflix prices


Millions of Netflix customers will see their bills increase next month as both standard and premium pricing plans increase.

Standard customers will see their bills jump to 9.99 GBP per month, while the Netflix premium plan, which allows you to watch programs in HD and Ultra HD, will increase from 11.99 GBP to 13.99 GBP.

Netflix said it had started notifying customers since January 1, and all 13 million customers in the UK will be contacted “in the next few months”.

He said those who joined Netflix on or after December 10 are not affected because they have already joined the higher rates.

But Martin Lewis explained how users can completely avoid growth.

Netflix core plan customers will not see their bills grow. Subscribers will see the monthly fees set at GBP 5.99

Speaking at the ITV Money Show on Thursday, he highlighted some ways in which the British could save money.

“It’s hiking prices – up 1 GBP a month for its standard, up 2 GBP a month on its first,” Martin began.

Although some might be paid for the higher price, he continued to share a way to cut costs.

“So what’s my key advice? Well, check now what package you’re on. You may be able to downgrade.

“A basic package, which does not move in price, is GBP 6 per month.

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“You can only use one device at a time – multiple devices, but only one at a time – and it’s only SD [standard definition]. It’s not HD [high definition] that one. “

However, Martin suggested that those who broadcast from their mobile phone or tablet may not notice too many differences between the two options.

“The standard package is 10 GBP per month, you receive two devices at once and you can watch HD there.

“Or, alternatively, if many of you are members of a single household, reduce it and choose the first one and you can get four devices for 14 GBP per month, which is cheaper than multiple subscriptions.”

Free Netflix shows

Many people may have free access to Netflix.

The streaming giant gave up the free 30-day trial last year – but some shows and movies are now available for free.

“What you may not know about Netflix is ​​that you can go to and it has some of its shows available there for free and you don’t have to pay,” Martin added.

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