Saturday , October 1 2022

Microtransactions confirmed – coming soon to Red Dead Online


Earlier today, Red Dead Redemption 2's Multiplayer mode was launched, Red Dead Online. We noticed and tweeted that there was a second currency available in the game. Called Gold Bars. These are now confirmed to be Micro transactions coming soon to the Game.

We all knew Micro transactions were coming, people calling them Horse-cards until we got an official name. The in-game micro transaction currency will be called 'Gold Bars.' You will be able to purchase these in the same way as Shark Cards through the in-game menu.

Rockstar has made a post saying these will be come once the early period of the beta is over. Posting on the Newswire – You may notice some areas of the in-game menus that are not yet available or available during this early period of the Beta, such as the Red Dead Online in-game Store which will eventually open up to provide the option of purchasing gold bars to directly acquire cosmetic items like Camp Decor, or a special style for your weapons. '

We believe gold bars are also earned and not just purchasable, you can earn 100 nuggets which will convert into 1 gold bar allowing you to buy things early.

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