Monday , January 25 2021

NASA shares the first images of the massive Antarctic iceberg in the Pine Island Glacier

NASA has published close-up photos of a giant iceberg this week that he said was "three times bigger than Manhatten."

The images were taken as part of the agency's IceBridge operation and marked the first time someone saw the berg, called the B-46 by the US National Ice Center.

The huge mass broke from Glacier in Pine Island (PIG) ​​at the end of October.

Glacier of Pine Island in Western Antarctica is known for the distribution of icebergs in the Amundsen Sea, according to NASA, but the frequency of these events seems to be rising

The photos were taken on a flight last Wednesday as part of a long-lasting campaign to collect annual sea ice, glaciers and critical ice sheets of the Earth

On October 29, the National Ice Center estimated the B-46 surface at 666 square miles (226,374 km²).

Images of the IceBridge flight satellite showed that the main iceberg has already begun to decompose.

Pine Island and nearby Thwaites Glacier contribute about 1 millimeter per decade to global sea level rise, according to NASA.

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