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Pokemon Go November 2018 Community Day is today: Start Time, Bonuses and more


Like the clock, the next Pokémon Go Community Day is almost here. The monthly event returns again this Saturday, November 10, giving players around the world a limited time to catch the rare Pokemon, win generous bonuses and even demolish a monster with a special move that would not normally be able to teach it.

Every community day usually lasts for three hours, but the details of these events vary from one month to the next. To help you prepare, we've completed the more important community day details of November 2018 below, including the time spent in each region, what bonuses are available, and what Pokemon you will be able to catch this time out.

What is the recommended Pokemon?

Niantic designates a Pokemon for every community day, which occurs more often in the wild than usual during the event. This time, this Pokemon will be Cyndaquil, one of the three players introduced in the Gen 2 series, Pokemon Gold and Silver. This means that you will find it much easier to find and catch Cyndaquil during Community Day, and if you are lucky you will even be able to meet a Cyndaquil Shiny or two before the event ends.

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You will want to capture as many Cyndaquil during the community day of this month so you can make stocks on Cyndaquil Candy, which you will need to develop it in Quilava and Typhlosion. If you manage to do this one hour after the event, your Typhlosion will know Blast Burn, a powerful Fire attack that you can not usually learn in Pokemon Go. This is true of any Quilava you develop during Community Day, even those you obtained before the start of the event.

What time does it start?

With a handful of exceptions, every community day takes just three hours. Unlike other real-world events such as the Pokemon Go Fest, it also does not belong to a specific location, which means you can participate in Community Day anywhere as long as you play in your chosen time.

Community Day will be held around the world, although the exact calendar will vary by region. These hours are usually consistent every month, so if you participated in previous community days, you will already know when they will be available. If you are attending the event for the first time or simply need a program update, you can find the hours for each region below.

North America

  • 11 AM – 2 PM PT
  • 2 PM – 5 PM ET

Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Asia Pacific

What other bonuses do you have?

In addition to increasing the spores of a particular Pokemon, Niantic usually offers two player bonuses during each Community Day. This time, you will receive twice the normal amount of Stardust for capturing Pokemon and hatching eggs. This is true for any Pokemon you catch during the event, not just for Cyndaquil. Moreover, these bonuses are in addition to those available through the Stardust Blast event, which means you can earn four times the Stardust amount you'll usually use.

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