Wednesday , September 28 2022

Strange reaction after the passenger complains about the lack of window in the chair


The crew showed a sense of humor (photo file).


The crew showed a sense of humor (photo file).

A passenger complaining about the lack of a window in his place received an unexpected response from the crew.

On a recent flight from Japan, the flight had been supposed to have murmured when he was seated without a window.

Twitter user @koo_TmS_suke said the crew returned with a "sight" – a piece of paper with some clouds and a big shot on it.

The image was reweeted almost 8000 times and received 15,000 place reports Daily Mail.

* Nigel Short the only passenger on Air Zimbabwe flight
* Do you have to close the window shadow?

Sora News 24 says the flight attendant's response was praised.

"A compassionate world in which we live," one said.

"How lucky it must be to be talented with such a unique landscape," he wrote another.

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