Tuesday , June 28 2022

Suspect sniping, compared to an Aldi bar code, as people let him go over mugshot


A conviction is underway for a suspect who has been mocking online mercilessly because of his margin.

James Flynn, aged 28, is being targeted for harassment and threat, but his crimes are not what he calls attention to.

Some have compared their haircut to an Aldi bar code, while others have said they saw their hair better on a pork scraping.

James Flynn is looking for harassment and threats (Picture: West Midlands Police)
Someone has a theory about his …

The image was issued by the West Midlands Police and gained a lot of attention.

One of the responses from the social media station said, "You have to arrest the hairdresser for hair crimes."

Dean Philp said: "Everything missing is the number under his hair and would look like a bloody bar code."

Lee Mills had similar thoughts: "Hair like an Aldi bar code."

Just like Kieran Gladwish, who commented: "Scans this image and was just loaded with 5p for a bag."

(Image: Facebook)
(Image: Facebook)
(Image: Facebook)

Natasha Murphy entered the game and drew 3.8k of the plates when he wrote: "There are many comments on this topic. This guy might be on the edge of society.

"He needs to know that good times and combs and go to the end of the day he just has to penetrate down and regularly show that he can straighten his life. Either that, either he disappears into thin hair.

And Andy Scotton-Peters had this to say, "You saw the better hair on a pork crunch."

If you know where Flynn is the 101 contact police.

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