Friday , January 27 2023

The prank of children suffering from cocaine suffers from online viruses and spark police samples


A student scooped out as a policeman while claiming that spitting cocaine has triggered a police test in Scotland.

Prankster Darren McFayden, from Edinburgh, posted a 12-second video clip on himself in a police uniform that held a silver tray with what appeared to be cocaine in powder form.

In the video posted online, he seems to snore some powder and the claim that the best way to test the police to test the purity of the drugs is to get them out.

In the clip, Darren jokes: "It's not really bad … actually, it's not bad."

Darren McFayden triggered a police test after the video appeared online

Darren shows a black dress with a anti-bulletproof vest, a walkie-talkie, a stick and handcuffs, and his video triggered an investigation by the Scotland police, as we initially suspected he was a duty officer

It is believed that the film was shot on Wednesday night by Darren and his friends in a Glasgow apartment.

Darren said: "The video does not involve cocaine. It's just a little sugar.

"The uniform is just an ex-police uniform that was easy enough to come and is made up of props such as shackles and sticks, all legal to be obtained."

Darren McFayden can be seen tilted over the silver tray in the film

A spokesman for the Scotland said to Sun: "Following the questions, it was determined that the person in the video is not a police officer."

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