Friday , March 31 2023

Tumblr disappears from the Apple App Store, and people think pornography is to blame


Apple is renowned for its anti-pornography attitude and dedication to remove the smut from its online platforms.

Now, Tumblr fans speculate that the application for their favorite microblogging site fell unpleasantly to Apple's hatred of x-rated content.

The Tumblr app disappeared from the App Store, causing wild speculation about why it was pulled down.

Last week, Tumblr issued a statement saying: "We're working on a problem with the iOS app and hope it's fully functional again soon.

Tumblr has disappeared from Apple's app store and some think pornography is to blame
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"We really appreciate your patience as we realize, and we will update this article when we have news to share."

He then released daily updates, the latest being released yesterday.

"Our team continues to work on this issue with iOS, which is the top priority at this time," he wrote.

"Thank you for your patience and for checking back here for updates."

Fans have suggested that porn can be blamed – though this is not the official explanation.

Tumblr hosts a vast amount of adult content, and a study last year claims that about 20% of its users are exposed to pornography

This gave birth speculation on Twitter that pornography has led to the removal of App Store, although this has not been confirmed.

I contacted Tumblr for comments.

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