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Why does Spider-Man go from the friendly neighborhood to become a villain in the "infinite war"


After meeting with his idol Tony Stark and fighting against renegade superheroes, Spider-Man had to adjust his priorities and return to a lifetime of struggle against crime.

But when Thanos invades Avengers: infinite warfare, the situation requires all the hands on the deck, and Spider-Man becomes a full member of the most powerful heroes of the Earth, including a ceremonial "knight" from Iron Man himself.

This graduation was reflected in the new new costume he receives, the Iron Spider project being suited for a member of the Avengers. Marvel Studios visual development manager Ryan Meinerding spoke about the challenges of designing the new costume and how Peter Parker's new circumstances played in the final look.

"It was an exciting and fun design challenge, and I think she definitely feels like another Spider-Man in this movie," Meinerding said The Art of Avengers: The Infinite War. "It allows him to feel as though he is away from being just a friendly Spider-Man neighborhood and actually becoming an Avenger – which is a huge story and I was happy to contribute."

Of course, Spider-Man will return to his own adventures in his next sequel, but that does not mean he's back in the friendly neighborhood.

Marvel's first movie after Avengers 4 It is Spider-Man: away from home, which pulls Crawler Wall on a globetrotting adventure in a fight against the classic villain Mysterio.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige spoke about the importance of this phase in Spider-Man's life and how it is reflected in the title of the film, which has multiple meanings.

– Well, I mean, to start speculation. It's always fun, Feige said. "We like [the title] of course, because it binds Homecoming, not just to keep that word, what we like and liked more than Home 2, but this notion of "home" is a word that has dual meanings that we would like to continue with [Marvel Cinematic Universe] Spider-Man version. So, Far away from home has multiple meanings. "

The film will also serve as a palace cleaning agent after the events in Avengers 4, which is sure to break the MCU foundation.

"More than Ant man, there are things people know about this movie, which is a big part of the film: the negative character of the film, the story of the film, that we are filming in Europe and that Peter Parker continues[[[[Captain America Civil War]was a great giant film of class superhero. To fall from this in Homecoming was John Hughes and he went to his high school. So that's fun for us about Spider-Man movies. And again Infinite warfare to The ant and the wasp, the tonal change. "

Fans can still see Spider-Man (if he was resurrected) in Avengers 4, premiered at the May 3 theaters.

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