Wednesday , September 28 2022

A woman in Massa went to holiday shopping and reached millions of dollars richer


While he started his Christmas shopping at Natick Mall over the weekend, a Massachusetts woman decided to add lottery tickets to her purchases for the day – and scratched a $ 4 million prize.

Neang Peov, of Lowell, ate lunch with her husband, Brunith, in the grocery store when she saw the Happy Corner store and decided to try her hand at scratch tickets, according to a Massachusetts State Lottery press release.

After scratching his 10 $ 100X instant ticket, he became the second $ 4 million winner in the state, as sales for the game began on June 19, according to the press release.

She claimed the prize with her husband at the lottery headquarters on Monday morning and chose the cash option for a single $ 2.6 million (before tax) payment.

Peov told officials he plans to use the money to pay the couple's mortgage and invest in retirement, according to the press release.

Happy Corner will receive a $ 40,000 bonus for sale, says the release. Three additional prizes of $ 4 million and prizes of $ 10 million are still in play for "100X".

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