Tuesday , March 21 2023

Apple adds third-party application integration to Final Cut Pro X


Final Cut Pro X, Apple's professional video editing software, today adds some updates that will integrate third-party applications into the editing interface. Although third-party plug-ins and effects have already been available for software, today's news opens Final Cut Pro X for third-party application developers to further simplify editing. "This is the first time we allow the integration of third-party applications at this level, which is so closely linked to the FCPX engine," said an Apple spokesman.

Apple calls these third party integration extensions that fit the Final Cut Pro X interface and allow publishers to leverage media between libraries, add clip markers, and sync between apps and Final Cut chronology. The first applications to be integrated today are Frame.io, Shutterstock and CatDV, which can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store. Apple says it is currently working on more and will still add more third-party extensions such as the Simon Says transcription service.

Frame.io integration into Final Cut Pro X.
Image: Apple

Frame.io is a collaboration tool that can be described as "Google Docs for Video Editing," in which more viewers can add notes to specific parts of a video. It is useful for projects that require multiple people to review simultaneously, so it is used by many studios and media companies, including Verge & # 39; s video. Other workflow extensions, such as Shutterstock, will allow navigation and purchase of stock images within the program, and CatDV will provide media management.

Some features that Apple adds today have already been integrated into its rival products, such as Adobe Premiere. This includes the integration of Frame.io and batch sharing, which allows users to simultaneously export multiple clips. Other features are new and exclusive to Final Cut, such as full support for closed SRT subtitle files. Words can be attached to clips, so if a clip is rearranged, the subtitles are arranged with it. Together with future integration of transcription services, Apple facilitates the creation of accessible videos, which can also be easily distributed on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Rearrange clips and subtitles. The blue bar above the time line is the words you've typed in the clips.
GIF by Tom Connors

Other updates include a Comparison Viewer, which allows publishers to view reference pictures in a new window to keep a consistent look in their entire videos while classifying them. A new window of flood stamps with code-code codes and an improved noise reduction to minimize low-light artefacts or archive images.

Color codes, roles, project timecode and source.
Image: Apple

Today's update also brings some new features to Motion, the graphics application for Final Cut and Compressor motion graphics for video encoding. The proposal receives correction and color classification functions along with some new filters, and the compressor moves into a 64-bit engine to encode high-resolution and high-frame videos. It will also support closed SRT legends.

Final Cut Pro X, released in 2011 as a successor to Final Cut Pro 7, has been polarized for many video editors at the time, as project files were not compatible with each other, and the completely revised design lacked key features. Video experts have been eliminated and have been determined to switch to other programs such as Adobe Premiere within the Creative Cloud suite that even has its own set of rival applications such as After Effects for motion graphics and Media Encoder for video optimization. Apple has worked hard since then with regular updates to add these missing features through plug-ins and third-party tools, but adding today's workflow extensions and third-party applications seems to be a significant effort on the part of company to bring back those professional users.

Final Cut Pro X is available on the Mac App Store for $ 299.99, while its companion Motion and Compressor apps are $ 49.99. Updates are free for existing users.

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