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Best Cyber ​​Monday 2018 Deals: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Games, Movies, TVs and more


Cyber ​​Monday has officially begun and we have a look at the discounts you can get on what is the last great shopping day of this holiday season. For starters, there is a 15% offer at Target, and Best Buy offers some decent deals. I have updated the complete list below altogether so far.

Why do we talk about Cyber ​​Monday 2018 when Black Friday is underway this weekend? Because these two important shopping days are very close to each other. Many account hunters will still be recovered from a hangover of black Friday savings until Cyber ​​Monday arrives on November 26. If it is you, it would be better to pop Tylenol and go online, because Monday's Cyber ​​transactions will come hot.

With regard to certain offers from Cyber ​​Monday, little is known today, although I have received some suggestions as to which offers will be available. For example, Ebay is selling a "Cyber ​​Weekend," with deals on a Microsoft Surface Pro product and a smart 4K 65-inch TV from Saturday, November 24. Additional offers will begin on Monday, November 26, including a Fallout 76 Xbox One X bundle, although the price has not yet been announced. You can find additional information in the Cyber ​​Monday preview of the transactions we already know.

Seeing that retailers will lower prices on a range of products in and around Cyber, it can be hard to know if you get the best possible offer for any given item. Below, you'll find links that will help you sort sales to find the biggest discounts available. We will continue to add more links as new sales announce, making this a blank page for your Monday Cyber ​​needs.



Target still has many games and movies on sale, but the highlight of Cyber's Monday sale is an offer of 15% across the country. It has significant exclusions, but it allows you to make your own transactions.

The best acquisition

Best Buy offered Sunday fast access to Monday's Cyber ​​sale, but now everyone has access to full promotion. It includes a ton of games and movies, with many of the same prices as Black Friday, but not everything is the same.

PlayStation Network

The Sony PS4 digital games store has already dropped prices for Black Friday and will go directly to Cyber ​​Monday.

Xbox Live

Similarly, Microsoft already offers discounts on hundreds of Xbox One digital games, with sales prices running until November 26th.

Ebay Deals

You will find offers of video and electronic games in Ebay's "Cyber ​​Weekend Sale".


Nintendo Switch

You'll find a lot of Nintendo Switch deals right now, both on hardware (including some console packages that actually allow you to choose the game or games that you get for free), games and controllers.


Fallout 76

Despite its recent launch, we will continue to see that the Fallout 76 is very low. Cyber ​​Monday brought the best prices yet on Bethesda's new online RPG.

Tips and Previews

Offers we already know

Here's what we know so far about what sales will be on Cyber ​​Monday.

What to expect

To help you prepare for Cyber's madness, we looked at what happened last year to help you set your expectations for this year's online shopping.

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