Tuesday , June 28 2022

Big Ben's TWICE asteroid could break Earth in 2023, warns NASA


An enormous asteroid, twice as big as Big Ben, could break the Earth in just five years, NASA warned.

The asteroid, called 2018 LF16, is supposed to affect our planet on August 8, 2023.

Fortunately, the chances of this are very low, and NASA predicted a chance of 99.9999967 chances of losing.

The 2018 LF16 asteroid has a width of approximately 215 meters – about twice as big as the Big Ben clock tower in London or the same size as the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.

While the asteroid's chances of collapsing in the Earth are low, if it happens, it could cause widespread destruction.

Such a large object would have an impact force of 50 Megatons – the equivalent of the Tsar Bomba nuclear device.

The European Space Agency explained: "Some asteroids are very large and would cause enormous destruction if one should strike the Earth, but their estimated population in our solar system is quite small and more than 90% of them are believed to None of these have any impact risks.

"Some are very small – under 10m in diameter – and only a small fraction of their estimated population has been discovered, but any impact would be harmless.

"The main challenge comes from the population of medium-sized objects ranging from tens to hundreds of meters in diameter."

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