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Carson Wentz looking for answers after another ugly loss home


Another loss of Eagles means more guessing about Doug Pederson's play. The coach made three decisions that will be under the microscope after a loss of 27-20 at Cowboys on Sunday (see remarks).

Here's what Pederson and Eagles have said about the post-game play that has failed.

Screen 3 and 2 to run Corey Clement

Drawing for seven minutes, remaining for two minutes, Eagles tried to bring Clement into space. Cowboys linebacker Leighton Vander Esch fought through Brandon Brooks' block to stop the game for a five-meter loss.

Pederson was actually describing his thought.

"I anticipated the pressure," Pederson said. "We took it, we tried to get the ball out quickly and we tried to play the song and we just managed to do that."

Clement agreed to the opportunity to wear football in his right arm, rather than on the left.

"I think the big difference was if I could change the ball, I can take my hard arm and go for another two meters," Clement said.

– I put this on. Anyone should be able to have two feet.

Following the fourth and third passes at the end of Zach Ertz

With the game on the line, defender Carson Wentz looked at Ertz, who was well covered by Cowboys's safety Jeff Heath. The hands of the close end made initial contact with the ball beyond the line to win, but until the pass was controlled, the Eagle had no sticks.

Ertz expressed confusion over the officials' decision.

"I can not talk about the exact rules, because I do not know where my feet are," Ertz said. "On the resumption of the field, it seems to be based on the new catch rule, the ball was caught along the top-down mark, but I do not know if it is where the ball is when both legs hit the ground, I do not really know to stay.

Pederson said the route was designed to get first down, but he praised Heath's conscience.

"It's a route that will take you to the fourth place down, or you really get down and give credit to Dallas, Heath," Pederson said. "It came and it was a contested catch.

"Just a big piece of them and it was a song I'll call again. Put it in Carson's hands, put it in Zach's hands and that's what you want."

Transfer 4-and-1 to run Josh Adams

Behind 3-0 in the second quarter, Eagles turned the ball over the downhill to the Cowboys line of 20 meters. Transfer to the beginner has been slow and has been met by a lot of defenders for a loss of three.

Pederson defended the call, indicating poor performance.

"The only thing that kills the song is penetration and I let the penetration happen and it stops running," Pederson said.

Eagles left the field. Jason Peters implied that the players in the field were too lenient.

"We can not blame that man," Peters said. "Doug is the same guy who won the Super Bowl for us, calling all sorts of tracks, going to the fourth place. We have to run the songs he calls on Sunday, and that's all for that.

"He went to him, he believed in us on 4 and 1. We have to take it because he knows we can do that.

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