Tuesday , January 31 2023

Experts say the world urgently needs a new diet



A hamburger a week but no more – it's about how much red meat people should eat to do the best for their health and planet, according to a report that is trying to revise the diet in the world. Eggs should be limited to less than four times a week, the report says. Dairy products should be about one serving a day, or less. The report by a panel of nutrition, agriculture and environmental experts recommends a herbal diet based on previously published studies linking red meat to an increased risk of health problems, the AP reports. It also comes from recent studies on how eating habits affect the environment. Red meat takes over the livestock and livestock feed, which also emit greenhouse methane.

The report was organized by EAT, a Swedish nonprofit that aims to improve the food system and was published by the medical journal Lancet. The group of experts who wrote it says there is an urgent need for a "great food transformation" by 2050. Generally, the diet encourages wholegrain cereals, beans, fruits and most vegetables, and says it limits the added sugar, refined beans, how would be white rice, and starch like potatoes and manioc. It is said that, on average, red meat consumption should be halved globally, although reductions should be more drastic in richer countries such as the US. Co-author Walter Willett, a nutrition researcher at Harvard University, suggests people are starting to think of red meat, such as lobster, "something I like a lot, but a few times a year." (A region famous for its healthy diet now has a serious problem with childhood obesity.)

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