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Michael B. Jordan has entered DM fans before, so you will want to update your state notifications – VIDEO


You may want to check the status of your social media notifications because Michael B. Jordan has just admitted that he has slipped into DM fans and the actor seems not to apologize for that, People. In the episode on Tuesday, November 20th Exhibition Ellen DeGeneres, co-hosted by Chrissy Teigen, Jordan revealed openly that he used the magic of direct messages to find love.

During the chat, people reveals that Teigen asked, "Have you ever linked through direct messages?"

"Yes, I answered," replied Jordan frankly. "I, I, I, I am a man, I am a man. Not many times, but yes, I have."

At the beginning of the debate, DeGeneres expressed his curiosity about Creed II a single state, given its position as one of Hollywood's most sought-after sexual symbols. It goes without saying that Jordan should have trouble finding a meeting because he continues to share that his work schedule does not allow him to find time to find love.

"I worked, I work crazy, so I did not have time to meet myself properly," he explained.

While Jordan seemed to be honest in his response, DeGeneres quickly dismissed the excuse by saying:

"We do not buy it We all work hard but we have relationships So many people have crushed It has to be flattering There are so many girls who are just crazy about you.

Teigen jumped to offer Jordan aid for sharing: "My assistant will try to take you right after that. She's ready for the kids, everything." However, it seems Jordan is ready to settle yet, answering: I take time and relieve myself. "

Jordan's state of affairs has been a huge subject of discussion in recent years, especially after his theft of the scene, the fight without a T-shirt for the Wakanada kingdom, Black Panther. The moment especially caused a young woman to catch her jaw so hard she broke her retention.


Wire the entertainer has often tried to play it when it comes to questions about his dating life, preferring to keep fans in the dark about his romantic conquests. In May, Jordan will not confirm or deny that she had a girlfriend during an interview Breakfast Club. He told them that Charlemagne wanted to "keep my personal life outside" and revealed that she does not necessarily have a guy, saying that "woman is the time, all women, everyone is on the table."

There is certainly no lack of perspective in the world of meetings. Rumors earlier in 2018 that Jordan meets the Instagram model, the Ashlyn Castro model, after posting the shots taken on Kwanzaa on his celebration. Fruitvale station star on Instagram. Jordan's social media flirts with Lupita Nyong around the world Black Panther the press tour also had total shipping fans as a couple. Despite apparent chemistry, both actors claimed to be just friends.


More recently, Nicki Minaj was quick to shoot her with the actor while she was named female artist from 2018 to E! People's Choice Awards. In his speech, Minaj shared unequivocally,

– Answer Donatella Versace for the habit of making this costume for me. And yell at Michael B. Jordan because he's gonna take him tonight.

In September, US Open champion Naomi Osaka admitted to DeGeneres that he has a passion in Jordan, causing the talk show host to try to connect them to a meeting. people notes that DeGeneres wrote the athlete tweet with a photo without Jordan's shirt for the 21st anniversary of October. The Jordan then came in, sharing a cheating in honor of the big city of Osaka, tweeting: "This is better and more recent." LOL continued, "Happy Beat Bday Naomi, but seriously I want to invite you to Creed 2 premiere as a bday gift. "

It is not clear whether or not Osaka accepted the invitation. However, it is worth noting that Jordan certainly has no stranger to interact with followers through social media. In May this year, the 31-year-old invited a fan who slipped into his DMs on stage where he was filming scenes for the future Creed continuation.


While Jordan's unified public status seems to be something he cares about, his recent comments reveal that he certainly descends to the DM.

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