Thursday , March 23 2023

Microsoft said it would release the console without discs in 2019


If you play mainly on Xbox consoles, this potential rumor might be of interest to you. As shown by sources through Thurrott, Microsoft plans to launch a new consonance next year, but it will be a lot different from a system than you could guess: this particular console could be a diskless version.

Thurrott's anonymous sources mention that the company intends to create the console of disclosure to reduce the price of the console in the first place. It's a different line from the next-gen Scarlett code consoles for Microsoft and does not expect them to run until 2020. The new version of the popular console, probably Xbox One, would be launching in 2019.

He is currently $ 299 for the cheapest Xbox One console and launching a diskless version means that Microsoft could, according to Thurrott, lower the price by $ 100. The new console could cost $ 200 or less, which is a drastic drop in prices for those who want to jump into the current console generation.

For those interested in making a large collection of Xbox One discs worthless, Microsoft also has a response: a "disk-to-digital" program that lets you take physical games and change them for digital downloads. You would simply take your disk to a participating retailer and trade it for a code so you can download it to your console without disk.

There was no official word from Microsoft and did not comment on whether it actually comes but would be a cheaper option for budget-less players or casual players who do not want to clean a collection of games and just play some titles for a while. As long as the original Xbox One with discs is still available, it would be an excellent option for those interested in adopting a system.

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