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Sean Diddy Combs and the silence of the Silence family on Kim Porter's death


Sean "Diddy" Combs said in a statement on Sunday that he and ex Kim Porter were "more than soulmates" and that she lacks so much, marking her first public commentary on her death.

Porter, mother of three of the rapper and producer's children, was found dead in her Los Angeles home on Thursday. He was 47 years old. The case of her death remains under investigation.

"In the last three days, I tried to get out of this nightmare, but I did not succeed," Diddy wrote on Instagram, alongside a video of the two Essence photo magazine.

"I do not know what to do without you," he continued. "I miss you so much Today I will pay tribute to you, I will try to find the words to explain our inexplicable relationship We were more than our best friends, we were more than souls. PARTY! And I miss you [black heart emoji]. "

Plans related to Porter's funeral were not made public.

Kim Porter, Sean P. Diddy Combs

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Porter and Diddy have been together for more than a decade until 2007. They shared a son, Christian, 20 years and 11 years old, twin daughters, Dila Star and Jessie James. Diddy also helped raise Porter's son Quincy Brown, 27 years from the previous relationship with Al B. Sure!.

"I'm broken … and the only thing that makes sense right now is that you've been too good for this silly world we live in," Brown wrote on Instagram on Sunday in his first statement about Porter's death, along with a photo of his sisters and his mother. "I love you so much MOMMY. Please give Mee-Maw the greatest hug and kiss for me."

Brown's father paid tribute to Porter at Instagram on Friday.

Diddy also has a 24-year-old son, Justin, and the 12-year-old daughter Chance, from two previous relationships.

"This can not be real, I'm still awake hoping this is a bad dream," Justin wrote on his Instagram page on Sunday, alongside family pictures. "I just do not understand." The next day we were all sharing together and celebrating! "My second mom, thank you for loving me and accepting me as one of yours, I will love forever all the special moments and discussions we had together to close with us and to hear your voice guide us . "@ quincy @kingcombs Jessie & D'lilah We've come forever!"

After Porter's death, Diddy got together with another recently ex- Cassie.

A source said E! Friday's news that Diddy is trying to "figure out the next steps for his children," adding: "He's very stiff."

Grandma pigeon, Lila Mae Star, said she spoke to her granddaughter the day before she died.

"She told me that she felt better and that the doctor was at her home and gave her an antibiotic," she told WVTM-TV in Columbus, GA.

He said he spoke to Diddy on the phone after Porter's death. She said she said, "My baby is gone, my baby is gone."

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