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⏰ So you can know how much time you spend using Facebook


November 26, 2018

We live in an interconnected world where almost everything we do from the mobile phone or computer and for this reason many companies become aware and launch tools that allow users to know how much time they spend their time with their services. Google, Apple, Instagram has its own digital wellness tool and Facebook has also launched its own called "Your Usage Time", is launched a little bit for all Facebook users and is in the main menu of the mobile application. Facebook for Android and iOS. If you do not see it, do not worry, it will come soon.

To access this new feature, go to the Facebook menu and click the three horizontal bands icon on the top right corner of the Android app screen and the bottom left of the iOS app. Under the configuration and privacy options you will find the new section called "Time on Facebook".

Here you will see a screen where you can check how much time you spend daily using Facebook. You can see in a graph the use of the last seven days with the average of the number of minutes you invest each day. You can set the time of use deemed necessary. But, in addition, to see how much you spend, you can limit your use and receive a reminder each time you exceed your maximum usage time. Just click on the "Daily Reminder" option and select how often you want to arrive.

The maximum figure goes from five minutes to 23 hours and 55 minutes … How much time do you spend using Facebook? So you can know – CNET in Spanish

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